Premiere 29 Nov 2018 | 20 hs. & 17 Feb 2019


In a unique programme, professionals dancers from the independent scene and dancers from the Staatsballett Berlin present new choreographic works and their understanding of dance.

Images leaves the institutional and imaginary boundaries behind and enables dancers of the Berlin Ballet Company and the independent artists not only to meet, but also to enter into a dialogue through cooperation. This is the first time that this kind of artistic encounter has been given a stage in Berlin.

The choreographies of this evening, which are very different from each other, facilitate the artistic exchange between dancers who otherwise have few points of contact and meet here as colleagues. In the choreographies of 10-20 minutes in length, dancers from the Staatsballett also participate in the pieces of the freelance choreographers and vice versa. The result is a charming, easily accessible evening for the audience with a highly topical, outstanding programme. The pieces are preceded by a short moderated discussion in which the aesthetic and practical approaches of the choreographers, the meeting of contemporary dance and contemporary ballet becomes comprehensible. In this way, the diversity of Berlin’s choreographic landscape becomes publicly visible. The evening is open in aesthetics, but focuses on dance.

Choreographers involved: Alexander Abdukarimov | Stephan Ehrlich | Yamila Khodr | Max Levy | Xenia WiesT | Joaquin Crespo Lopes

Images – Neue Choreografien is organized and curated by Stephan Ehrlich (freelance choreographer) and Joaquin Crespo Lopes (Staatsballett Berlin).