Choreography: Joaquin Crespo Lopes
Music: Chango Spasiuk – Domingo Cura – Gustavo Santaolalla
Dancers: Erick Odriozola – Lewis Turner – Mikayla Lambert – Tabatha Rumeur
Première 29/11/2018 Pfefferberg Theater – Berlin


In Quechua “Qhapaq Ñan” also known as Inca road system was the most extensive and advanced transportation system used by the Inca Empire to connect for more than 40.000 km. the different South American regions.
Such as this old road that connected places, people; connects as well my own journey in life. My feelings and emotions attach very deep to the place that I come from to a far, distant Europe.

“The road that let the wind pass. The wind that moves the leaves. The leaves that become dance. The dance that inspire us all.”

 Wind on the island

The wind is a horse:
hear how he runs
through the sea, through the sky.

He wants to take me: listen
how he roves the world
to take me far away.

Hide me in your arms
just for this night,
while the rain breaks
against sea and earth
its innumerable mouth.

Listen how the wind
calls to me galloping
to take me far away.

With your brow on my brow,
with your mouth on my mouth,
our bodies tied
to the love that consumes us,
let the wind pass
and not take me away.

Let the wind rush
crowned with foam,
let it call to me
and seek me galloping in the shadow,
while I, sunk
beneath your big eyes,
just for this night
shall rest, my love.

Pablo Neruda