I started giving classes, seminars and workshops many years ago in parallel with my career as a professional dancer. During which I also studied and received certifications in Switch2move, a program focused on dance, health & wellness and Dance Pedagogy in Classical Ballet.

Although my teaching areas are primarily classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance and modern jazz. I have also given elongation and stretching courses not only for dancers but also for musicians and actors.

Over the last few years I have worked for the University of Basel, the Basel Tanzbüro, the SBV (Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) and a large number of movement centres such as the Basel Dance Academy, Semiramis, Chronos Movement and Formbar studios in Basel, as well as the Ballett-Tanz-Institute in Zurich among others.

In 2016 I founded “Ballett Workshop”. A series of monthly classical ballet trainings in the cities of Basel and Zurich. 


“Joaquin’s ballet trainings are based on the Russian Vaganova style. Based on his experience as a dancer and choreographer over the past 15 years, he offers classes where students are motivated to actually “dance”. Musicality, rhythm, dynamism, coordination, central strength, are just some of the qualities we look for. It is divided into “barre”, where the exercises take form and shape and “center”, where we develop them in a context of space. The classes are for professionals and non-professionals, but mainly: they are dedicated to the understanding and deepening work of the classical ballet technique.”